My gaze is always wondering the world, looking for emotions to freeze with my camera. These emotions are often generated by details, lights and shadows. They catch my attention; they make me look for the essence of a reality that appears abstract, just because not rationally recognisable.
Therefore, the details transform into visions, which contain a message transformed through the addition of details that will give new significance.
Lo and behold, cones, cubes, pyramids or spheres of colour and stripes overlap the reality captured by my camera, and transform it into something different but nevertheless real.
My abstractions are not purely random, they are the representation of a real-world vision, with all its different interpretations. There interpretations can come from the effort to look past appearance, beyond schemas.
This way, the message of the forms becomes abstraction, because it is a reality that has been cleaned from its original significance and transformed into a new truth from my subconscious.