The studies I did as a young man appear in some of my photos. How could they not, after years of studying graphic design?
Now that photography occupies the biggest place in my artistic expression, I discover that it is a mean to synthesize reality more than describing it. Especially during the post-production process, and regarding certain specific subjects, I think more as a graphic designer than as a photographer. This leads me towards cutting more than adding; taking care of certain balances, even if that means losing part of the photographic image. It makes me love the shape of the subject even before its substance, therefore the detail before the whole picture.
Graphic thought me how to narrow down before adding, it thought me to enjoy the search for answers more than reusing existing themes.
I learnt how to visualise the photos before taking them, in a different way from the usual, outside of a premade frame, free from a coherent background, without being immediately recognisable.
I call them photo-graphics.