I love light and its magic ability to always create new shapes.
I love shadows that can hide the ugliness that surrounds us and enhance what is beautiful.
I adore architecture, that has fun hiding its secrets, with its details that is a pleasure to discover.
Nothing is to me more intriguing than to follow a ray of light that is coloured, gold and silver. It becomes a drawing that makes that who will disappear the next minute.
Being able to see it fills me with joy. This is, for me, the magic of photography, what I try to do.
So that you can see everything but not really perceive. Stealing the detail, that is born from the sunset light, is the biggest satisfaction I seek.



“Diversity”.2017 30x30 cm Photography and silver-gold pen







“untitled ”.2017 30x30 cm Photography and silver-gold pen







“Freedom After the Tempest”.2017 30x30 cm Photography-silver and gold pen







“Encounters” “Destiny”.2017 30x30 cm .Photography -silver and gold pen