"GAZE ON REALITY" 2017-30x30 Photography and Red Pen on paper


Nature can be like a conjurer and hide reality, especially if we are not able to look past appearance. But it does not want to deceive us, it is just indifferent to us and our being. Sea’s water keeps its eternal flowing going and washes the blood of many innocent men, drowned in our indifference.
The Earth keeps trembling because it is alive, and it destroys our presumptuous creations. The wind keeps blowing away the tears from the nets that separate our borders. The river’s tide keeps flowing under the bridges we cannot build to learn how to love each other. It is not nature’s duty to teach us how to live, nature will exist even when the last man disappears, when the last human creation becomes dust. It is up to us to learn how to see the red of blood, the rust of the nets, the chippings of the bridges made of crystal, frail, to be able to destroy them with the strength of egoism. This is what makes me sure that art needs to remember that real beauty lies in what we watch with the eyes of our soul and hearth.  



“An Indelible Sign of our Times”





“Rust on the Hoisted Nets”





“The Current State of Affairs”