"EXISTENCE IN BLUE"2017. 30x30 cm Photography and Cyanotype

What do we see when we look at something?
A ray of light, a series of photos that, hitting an object, bounce and hit our eyes’ retina.
Photography is that ray of light; we see the results of our shoots and we call them truth, but it is only what we consider to be the truth because it is close to what we know.
We notice this and we think that what we see is the actual truth, forgetting that it is not, it is just our interpretation.
The absolute truth cannot be seen, we can perceive a part of it at best and not the actual reconstruction created by the knowledge we have accumulated in our brains. We cannot interpret what the brain does not know, therefore it is invisible to us.
Nevertheless, we can invent what our eyes cannot see and force them to do so, we can invent a reality that agrees with our tastes and interests.
Modern technology offers us unthinkable sharpness, forcing our eyes beyond their natural limit, making everything extremely defined, reconstructing the world around us. It makes us believe that it is true, but it is a deception, an illusion. This is what I think, when I find myself in front of old prints, those magics realised using light only, without tricks, without deceiving our eyes and minds.



“Essence” 2017 Photography and Cyanotype